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Yesterday I took part of the day off and headed down to Dartmoor in Devon. For those who don't know, Dartmoor is a huge upland farmed wilderness made out of solid granite.  It is also my favourite British National Park. I remember crossing it in a car as a child and being transfixed by all the rocky lumps and bumps, the scenery in general and the colours of the rock, the bracken, the heather and gorse, and the shapes of the windblown trees. Over the years I have spent quite a lot of time in and around Dartmoor and it never loses its appeal to me. It can be a very dangerous place too and there are occasional deaths where people are not always as careful as they ought to be. 

The rocky outcrops are called tors and one of my favourites is Haytor. This was where I decided to go. As you will all appreciate, I didn't go without my camera and ended up taking lots of photographs. The weather wasn't the best and there was a lot of low cloud and very little sunshine, but just occasionally it brightened up and the colours of the moor land and the rocks seemed to come to life. I hope you like what I did there.

A moss-covered dry-stone wall

There had been snow a few days before and there were still a few patches lying around.

I love the rock formations of the tors.

And all the fallen and crumbled boulders too. 

See what I mean.
You can see how low the cloud was too.

They look like they just fell where they are, but have actually been there for many thousands of years.

Looking out across the moor.

I love the shapes and lines in this one.

Haytor looking like a sleeping dragon in the landscape (which it may well be for all I know.)

Taken from the top of Haytor, a road to nowhere.

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