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Ebbor Gorge

These are the pics that I'm okay about from my morning walking Ebbor Gorge last Saturday. As I said before, I was quite disappointed with the photographic side of my morning, even though the walk was great. (Actually the walk was probably the closest thing I have done to the sort of tramping I did in New Zealand since I've been back - if you see what I mean.) So, on with the pics.

Moss covered Mendip wall. Very typical of the area. You can see how bright a morning it was.

Ebbor Gorge itself, it was a steep climb over  boulders and scree. Great fun.

Blue sky in a clearing in the woods. I love the way the trees appear to be coming into frame from all directions.

Looking south across Somerset's lush green fields. Glastonbury Tor is on the horizon.

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