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Update on a life where nothing seems to be happening

I'm feeling slightly ashamed at the moment. There just isn't anything going on. Last Saturday morning I drove to Ebbor Gorge near Wells to do a walk and take some photographs.
It was a gorgeous morning, not too warm but definitely 'spring-like' and I was really looking forward to getting my teeth into somewhere I had known about for a long time but had never actually visited. And it was a lovely walk too. One section, through the gorge itself, was quite strenuous and difficult, but very rewarding, and a lot of the rest of it was a walk in the woods. Sadly, almost all of the photos I took seemed very flat and uninteresting. Yes, there were a couple of pictures I liked (and I will post those here in the next day or so) but generally I was very disappointed. How could I be in a beautiful place in a wonderful landscape on a sunny, sharp morning and still take loads of crap photos? Perhaps I'm losing it. I will have to go back when there are new leaves on the trees with late afternoon light cascading through them.

I am gearing up for a visit from ironicpseudonym, who is about to arrive in the UK from his native New Zealand. I think he's mad, but there you go. Actually he will be travelling all over Europe and North America in the coming weeks, so he's cramming a lot of stuff into his time away from Aotearoa. After he's spent some days in London he will be heading south-west and hitting Somerset (probably) on Monday. I am taking the whole week off, even though he will be around for only a few days, so, depending on where we go while he's here, I will try to get some excursions in of my own. As yet I don't know what he wants to see and where he wants to go, and that will dictate what I do later in the week. I'm very much looking forward to all of it.


Before that I will be driving up to Crawley at the week-end to see my favourite cousins and to collect my parents on their return from their holiday in India. So, lots of driving over the next week or so.

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