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The past few months have been very strange here in my little part of the UK. I know that it is a worldwide joke that we Brits bang on about the weather all the time, and to a very large extent it is true. I'm probably not a typical Brit, too many influences from other parts of the world, but right now I am totally perplexed by the climate here in the south-west of England.  In short, we haven't had a winter. Other parts of the UK had snow a few weeks ago; we did not. I really wanted to be able to take snowy photos and enjoy a wintery experience, but all we got was the usual rain, wind and yuck. 

Autumn was late arriving and now it seems that spring is here with knobs on. Looking around, I find it difficult to accept that it is still February. Towards the end of last week I went out to take some night-time photos to illustrate just how unwintery it is. 

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