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Glastonbury 17-2-07

Last Saturday I had a great day in Glastonbury with jackiesjottings. We had not met before but got on so well, chatting away from the start as if we had been friends for ages. For me, being a local, it was really interesting to see Glastonbury and the wonderful atmosphere that the place has from a totally different perspective. Jackie is a long time lover of Glastonbury and has visited many, many times. It is certain that there are places that she knows much better than I do. For instance, I had never visited the Chalice Well Gardens before, almost a crime when you think how close I live to it. That was put right in the afternoon with Jackie as a knowledgeable and congenial guide. We both agreed that it was a shame that gothic_girl_81was not there to share the day with us, but there will be other times I'm sure. 

So, and this wouldn't be my journal without some pictures, here are some of the photos I took on this incredibly enjoyable day.

A new angle on St Michael's Tower, looking up the buttresses (ooh err!)


Unknown girl in wonderful pose at the top of the Tor. You can see how misty it was. 

Daffodils in the Chalice Well Gardens - yay spring!

This is for gothic_girl_81, I'm sure you know it already.

The channel across the lawn. Let's play Spot The Crocus.

This was so gorgeous, it reminded me of the tails of whales as they flip them up before diving. 

After jackiesjottingsleft, I went into the Abbey grounds to take some more pics. I'll post those later.

Thanks Jackie for a wonderful day. It was great to meet you and to share your day in Glastonbury. Here's to the next time.


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