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Glastonbury sunrise

I posted these pics in glastavalonthe other day and then I thought, 'I want them in my personal journal too.' So here they are. It promised to be a gorgeous morning and I wanted to get some nice pictures, so, up Glastonbury Tor I went. As it turned out, the morning was a bit too nice and there was no cloud at all, so not a great sunrise from that point of view, but it was great to be in one of my very favourite places on a rare cold and frosty morning, and to have it all to myself. 

Dawn through an archway of the tower.

Early morning tower with the moon still up.

"The edge of the world from the centre of the universe."

The tower silhoutted against the early morning sky.

The town of Glastonbury beginning to wake up.

At first light I was on my way back down.

Glastonbury has a very special place in my life and in my heart and I love sharing those things with my friends. I hope you like them too.

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