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Greylake Nature Reserve

Because it was going to be clear and bright and frosty and sunny, on Saturday morning I decided to go to Glastonbury to take some sunrise photos from the Tor. As it turned out the weather was a little too fine and because there were no clouds at all there was no spectacular sunrise. It was still a great place to be on such a sharp morning so I wasn't in the least disappointed.

On my way home I decided to call in at a Nature Reserve which is only about two kilometres from my home. Although it is that close I had never been there before. I will be going again. 

What follows are some of the photos I took there early on Saturday morning. I hope you like them. 

Not long after sunrise.

Gorgeous reflection in a still pond.

Through the bullrushes

The nature reserve

Lapwings in flight

Swan with a mirror


More than anything else, this is the landscape I grew up in.

As always, please click to see bigger pictures

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