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Weather - well, wind anyway.

It's quite disturbing to come into the office in the morning and find an email like this in your mailbox.

You are probably aware that the Met Office has issued a UK Severe Weather Warning and there is information relevant to Somerset. The Warning is issued from 0200 hours on Thursday, 18th January, 2006. The Warning states:-


Severe Gales

"The Met Office continues to forecast a spell of very windy weather during Thursday, 18th January. Severe Gales are expected across all of England and Wales, possibly extending further Northwards into Northern Ireland and Southern Scotland. Confidence has increased in gusts of around 60 to 70 miles per hour in many parts, and some gusts around 80 miles per hour, particularly in upland or exposed places. Winds are expected to ease from the west during Thursday afternoon. Predicted wind speeds could lead to widespread disruption to transport and power networks. Some significant damage to buildings is also possible.

This message will be superseded by the issue of Flash messages overnight".

Probability of disruption in Somerset is 80%

Please inform relevant services and consider any temporary buildings or structures more at risk. Clearly staff will be travelling to work through this period. We all need to be aware. The Met Office website is -

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