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I wanted to post some pictures of Southland, a wild and seemingly remote region of New Zealand. The coast is incredible and colours are so vibrant. It was in this region that I had some of my best wildlife encounters, which included the most frightening - but that's another story. 

I also want to dedicate an entry to my new LJ friend,


duchesse, so this is a way of accomplishing both things in one easy movement. 

duchesseis from Moscow, very intelligent, incredibly beautiful and into a lot of the same things as me. She loves travel and writing and British humour (now those are things very close to my heart). She is a Pisces and loves deep blue colours, which made the photo selection much easier. So I dedicate some pictures of a very beautiful part of the world to one of the world's beautiful people. Ksusha, these are for you, I hope you like my choice.

Jack's Bay, Catlins

Surat Bay, Catlins

Welcome to my LJ world, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
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