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New friend, old friend

I have a new friend to dedicate a picture to.

She is from Canada, though I don't know where, she is a doting wife and mother and posts excellent photos of her life.
We met through the Anne Frank community, and are both inspired by the hope and optimism that Anne's story brings to the world.
If my book ever does get published, then my next journey would be Canada. A journey from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island with a huge major detour along the way. The reason is a long story, which I am happy to tell if pressed!

Anyway, this is for you. It's a sunrise I took in the fields near my home, on a frosty morning a couple of weeks ago. I hope you like it. Welcome to my LJ world, I hope you like it here.


The next dedication is slightly more complicated. 
roselet is already a valued LJ friend. We have known each other for some time. She lives in Hokitika which, for anyone who doesn't know, is a windswept town on the West Coast of New Zealand that has a very special place in my heart for a number of reasons. I wear a carved piece of pounamu around my neck which comes from the nearby Arahura River. Hokitika is unpreposessing but has a dignified charm and I just love it. Anyway, this special LJ friend, who is wise, very intelligent and as articulate as they come, as well as being skilled in many other crafts, will soon be heading to Austria on an exchange programme, and her new identity has been created to document her year in Europe. I hadn't started dedicating photographs when she was proudly added to my friends list, so this is an opportunity to put that right.
This effort is for you. The beach you will soon be leaving behind for a while.


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