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Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. My car is due an MOT (the same as the New Zealand Warrant of Fitness) and I had arranged to get it to the garage I bought it from, Toyota World (I always imagine that to be the most boring theme park on the planet!) which is at Lympsham, near Weston-super-Mare. Although I work in Taunton, it is an easy hop onto the motorway and not that big a deal to get there. The appointment was for today, so I arranged to get it there yesterday afternoon at 4.30 and for my mother to meet me at Toyota World to then bring me home. That should have been easy enough, shouldn't it? Well, actually, no. 

I left work at about twenty past three, giving me loads of time to get there, check it in and wait for my pick-up. I got out of Taunton easily and was soon happily zipping along the motorway. About five miles, possibly less, from the junction I would be leaving the motorway the traffic in front and around me slowed and eventually stopped. I wasn't too concerned, I still had loads of time and these things happen. Unfortunately, this thing continued to happen. Once I was well embedded in the snarl-up I heard on the radio that the motorway had been closed in both directions, quite a long way ahead of me, because a lorry carrying gas cylinders had turned over. Also that it would be closed for twelve hours. At four thirty I got out of my car and begged the use of a mobile phone from the nice young black guy sitting in the passenger seat of the car beside me. I rang the garage, explained my situation and asked them to give my mother the message to go home because I wasn't going to make it any time soon. This nice guy, wouldn't even allow me to pay for the call - it restored my faith in humanity. 

I eventually got off the motorway at the junction I would have been leaving it anyway, sometime after 7.30. It took me more than three and a half hours to travel the five miles. Obviously, I just headed straight home and got in at about ten past eight. It felt really weird even driving at twenty miles an hour after the crawl-stop-stop-start-stop-crawl I had been through. Oh to be back in New Zealand, where there are probably fewer vehicles in the country than there were involved in the snarl-up last night, where a motorway is just a slightly wider road and where the roads are, for the most part, free of all these hassles. Oh to be in New Zealand, where they seem to have an ingenious solution to every problem and where being late is fashionable. The thing is, I don't even like cars. I don't bow down to the cult of the petrolhead, and only have a car because I would be really stuck without one. I see them as a necessary evil for me, something I would rather do without, if I could.

So, this morning I had to get my car to the garage and get to work. Luckily, there were no problems this time round and I ended up being in at a reasonable time. 

To cheer myself up, and to please my readership I have decided to post one of my NZ pics.

I think, this is where I could do with being right now.

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