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Burrow Mump sunset 18 November 06

Well, it's like this. We all like sunsets; a while ago I posted some sunset pictures and they seemed to go down very well with my LJ friends, who made some very kind comments.

A few days ago it looked like there was going to be an interesting sunset. I decided to combine my interest in taking sunset photos with my love of Burrow Mump. Burrow Mump is, kind of, Glastonbury Tor's poor local relation. It doesn't have the same iconic status, is not as big and doesn't get visited in anything like the same numbers, but it is still fascinating for all that. The church on the top, dedicated to St Michael (just like Glastonbury Tor) is not, in the strictest sense, a ruin. It was actually never completed. Building began and petered out in the seventeenth century and it now stands as a monument to a lack of funds. The same goes for me, but that's another story.

The fact that Burrow Mump is only about three kilometres away from my home means that my passion for photographing it is easily satisfied. I wandered out across the low lying fields, through mud, cows and sheep, jumping ditches and along tracks until I got to the spot that I felt would give me the angles and view I was looking for. 

Was my mission a success? That's not for me to decide. What do my LJ friends think?

Then the dark clouds began to loom and I was a very happy (and muddy) bunny.

Please click on the images if you want to see larger versions.

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