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Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Live the Dream

So, back to work on a Monday morning after a really nice week-end. Finally the weather here seems to have decided that it is summer with long, warm, sunny days. Perhaps I am speaking too soon and it will change as soon as these words hit the screen, but be positive – summer has finally arrived. (For now)

I don’t know about anyone else but, for me, I always feel so much better when I have the sun on my back. Having said that, I am neither an outdoors or indoors person. I love the outdoors, the countryside around me and how it feels to be out there, but most of my interests are things to be done inside. That is, either inside a building or inside my head. Travel is, probably, the biggest of those interests and I firmly believe that travel can happen in both these environments.

You can physically travel, if you are lucky, and visit new places, explore and have adventures and, if you are anything like me, derive a tremendous amount of pleasure from that. You can also travel in the mind and that is such an important thing to be able to do. It fills in the gaps of knowledge and allows your mind to grow and teaches it to explore on its own. Travelling in the mind is much cheaper as well. If you have an active imagination you can travel the world, push the boundaries and discover the unknown. You can experience the joy of discovery and grow in anticipation of the real thing. There is no substitute for getting out there and being somewhere new in the world, smelling the smells of a new place and hearing the sounds, seeing the wonders and living the dream, but the dream itself is very important too and it prepares the soul for what wonders are to be found.

Living the dream became a bit of a catchphrase for those of us who were travelling when I was in New Zealand. We had all dreamt of it and suddenly we were actually doing it. The dream fuels the event.

I am lucky that I have been able to travel the world. I feel privileged to have had those experiences and I am grateful that those opportunities came along. I have seen many parts of my own country and done so on my own terms. I have travelled within Europe, where I spent my summer holidays in France from the age of eleven until I was sixteen, been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Germany. I have visited friends in The Netherlands, Belgium, and more recently, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I spent a month in Ghana, in West Africa when I was sixteen and that experience had a great impact on my attitudes and emotions that I still feel today. New Zealand is my spiritual home and I am so lucky that I have visited the country on a number of occasions and got so much from those visits, especially the long one last year.

We travel because we have the need to discover and explore, we dream because we need more than is always there. The weather is an integral part of the travelling experience. It doesn’t always have to be sunny, sometimes a misty, moody morning can be more evocative in the right location than what is usually perceived as being good weather. Walking in the rain in the right place can evoke more positive emotions than a stroll in the sunshine ever could.

But here I am back at work after the week-end and all I can do is dream because I am where I have to be rather than where I would like to be. I am grateful that I have the power to dream and imagine and to allow those dreams to fly, fly, fly.

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