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New friends

Again I have some new LJ friends.

emma_socrates is actually two people, believe it or not, Emma and Socrates. 
They are about to embark on a major expedition and I am really looking forward to following them as they make their way around the canals of northern England on a long boat. I get the impression that there will be some drama and a lot of comedy as they chug along through the waterways system. They will not be idly watching the world go by - well, they probably will, but they will also be writing and crafting and drinking tea. There is good beer up north and there are a lot of canalside pubs, so I'm sure it will all come together to make for a brilliant winter. If you are going to get iced in at any point, please try to ensure that there is a warm hostelry within easy walking distance. 

The photograph I have decided to dedicate to you was taken in New Zealand at Kaikoura; the Pacific Ocean pounding in at the rocks. I hope you like it. I also hope that you don't encounter anything remotely similar. 

Welcome to my LJ world and, as I say, I am really looking forward to following your exploits.
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