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This translation business, using Babel fish, has got me somewhat confused. I understand the process and it helps to get me through my shortcomings of not being able to speak or read another language (other than French). I so wish that I could speak Russian, read Russian, understand Russian. If I could do that I know that Ilmera would be so proud of me, but do I have the patience? The translations I am getting are messy, at best, and incomprehensible most of the rest of the time. I put it down to Babel fish not being anything like as intelligent as my dear and special friend. And, as I don’t fully understand Babel fish, I can only assume that I am nothing like as intelligent as it is. That means that I am way less intelligent than Ilmera. This is almost certainly true but I think I am smarter than a load of bits and bytes. (Incidentally, the name of my favourite email shop in Wanaka, New Zealand) Julia, help me please, I’m sure you will have the answer.

Now that I have come to terms with how LJ works and added to my interests list, I was delighted to see, when I translated Ilmera’s interests, the number we have in common. I think that shows that we are of a like mind and enjoy a lot of the same esoteric things. Some of them I knew about but there were some wonderful, special ones which thrilled me when I saw what the mighty fish had come up with. Sunsets, spring, thunderstorms, walking in the rain (especially that), such a great list you have. When you come to visit, given what we have already discussed about the weather, there should be a great deal of opportunity for us to go walking in the rain together.

Dear, in your interest list, I was really puzzled by “automatic braking device”, which came after Japan. Would you please enlighten me as to what Babel fish should have come up with. I am so curious now.

I wish you all the very best, as always, and please get in touch soon so that I know you are okay. I know you understand my concern, and I just hope that it is not irritating for you. Forever friends.

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