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Luzern, Switzerland, 20th and 21st October 2006

We found the Backpackers without too much difficulty. Rebekka, Philippe and I would be sharing a four bed share room. It was quite a nice room with a balcony overlooking the lake (or at least, would have been if we could see through the trees). We hoped that we would have the room to ourselves because we are very comfortable with that arrangement now, having shared a tent last year. Once we had got ourselves sorted we went out into the city itself. 


Luzern is a lovely place with some great looking buildings and world famous sights, such as the Chapel Bridge and the Wasserturm.

We wandered around, soaked up the atmosphere, had a drink in the Rathaus Brewery and then went for our evening meal. Rebekka had done some great research to find somewhere that would suit all our tastes and my homemade pumpkin ravioli was awesome. From the restaurant we went to an English style pub where we had extremely expensive Guinness and great conversation. It was really nice to be able to relax and chat, the three of us together, and it was a splendid evening.

On the way back to the hostel we passed the fountain outside the KKL building.

Back at the hostel we learned that we might have company in our room. Now, both Philippe and I snore, apparently, (especially recovering from a cold) and, while Rebekka was organised with earplugs (a legacy from her time backpacking in New Zealand, and just in case) we felt it might be slightly unfair on any fourth person sharing our room. After we had settled down a girl came into the room and put her sheets on the bed and disappeared again. I don't know what time it was when she came back, I was awake but it must have been two or three o'clock in the morning. She was very careful and quiet as she got up onto the bunk above mine and I could hear her very slowly and carefully making her bed whilst actually sitting on it. All was quiet. After a while her mobile phone went off, playing some inane tune. Some minutes later it went off again, and then again. And then again. By now there were sighs and mumbles coming from my companions and I knew they were now awake too. After about the eighth or ninth time I heard Rebekka get up and go out on to the balcony. The phone went off again just after she came back in and I thought she was going to hit the girl as she raised her arms and spoke loudly. This time the girl turned it off. I don't know if she had been sleeping through it all this time or whether she just didn't care. 

Eventually I went off to sleep again. At about seven-thirty I was again awake and needing the loo, so I headed out into the corridor. After that I decided I might as well have a shower. As I went back into the room to get my wash bag and towel, our 'guest' was asleep on her bunk. When I got back after my shower she was gone. Rebekka and Philippe were asleep so I left them to it and went out to have a walk down by the lake. It was a misty morning with low cloud and the rowers doing their early practice on the lake were wrapped up warm. 

We had to be checked out by ten o'clock and time was ticking away. I had the dilemma of wishing my friends to have as much sleep as possible whilst seeing the morning disappear as I waited. At nine-thirty I went back into the room and gently woke Rebekka, apologising for doing so. She was grateful and while she and Philippe were washing and getting their stuff together I checked out for all of us. It turns out that the girl who shared our room was from Mexico and part of a party that had come in late. They had to be dotted around in whatever spare beds were available. It was also apparent to us that she felt guilty about what had happened and that was why she had disappeared while there was no-one awake around.

We wandered back into the city and found a cafe for breakfast. We did a bit of shopping and then went for a walk up to and along the ancient city wall. The sun was now trying to fight its way through the cloud and it was getting warmer.

It was beautiful looking out across the city from our vantage point. The autumn colours were sensational.

We were slightly unfortunate to be in the rafters of one of the towers when the big bell it held decided to ring the hour. It was very loud. It was also twelve o'clock and there was no real escape. With our ears still ringing we made our way back down into the old city.

There are some beautifully decorated old houses too.

Before we left Luzern we went to the IMAX cinema to see a film about the lives of people from around the world and how they interact with the nature and natural landscape around them. It was great.

I really liked Luzern and our trip was brilliant. Rebekka had organised things really well. On the second day Pilatus was shrouded in cloud and we wouldn't have seen anything at all from there (and we would have been soaked as well), whereas it was gorgeous to be up there the previous day. Even the trials of our room-share became a humourous memory very quickly.


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