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Luzern, Switzerland 20th October 2006

Rebekka, Philippe and I had a great couple of days in the Luzern area. We set off from Bronschhofen early(ish) on Friday morning and headed towards Zurich. Okay, so we took the wrong road after that and made a bit of a detour, but we arrived in plenty of time at Alpnachstad where we had an early lunch in the little Chalet Cafe.

After lunch we boarded a little train to take us up to the top of Pilatus, a mountain that just looms out of the plains surrounding the lakes. The railway is the steepest cog railway in the world and climbs steadily at 48% for about forty minutes before arriving at the top of the mountain. Rebekka remarked that, if it had been any steeper it would have been a lift. 

We were incredibly lucky with the weather and it was perfectly clear as we looked around from our 2132 metre high perch. There is a 360 degree vista. To the north-east we could see Santis, which we had been to on my previous trip to Switzerland last year. It didn't look so far away but it would have taken a drive of more than two hours to get even close. To the east we could see the high peaks of the Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau with their glaciers spilling out in slow motion. 

There was a haze in the air, which only enhanced the beauty of the valleys as they marched off into the distance. 

The city of Luzern, from this aerial viewpoint, appeared tiny as it clustered around the shores of its lake. Somewhere down there were our beds for the night. 

We did some walking on the easy tracks around the various peaks of Pilatus. It was not too cold, given the time of year and the altitude, and it was gloriously sunny. 

After some time spent relaxing in the sunshine, watching the mountain jackdaws having the time of their lives on the thermals and the little trains coming and going, we had to leave. As we descended in the train we passed beech trees in their gorgeous autumn clothes, shining brightly in the afternoon softness.

From Alpnachstad we drove the short distance into the city and found Backpackers Lucerne. 

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the city itself and say just a little about what we did before we left.
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