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Rebekka's Rabbits

This is for  

She asked me to post some pictures of Rebekka's rabbits, so here they are.

They are, Chnorzli (which roughly translates as 'Little Frustration' in Swiss German)........

And Wurzli, which translates as 'Little Root'.

They are quite cute and Wurzli, in particular, seemed to accept me into the household after a couple of days.

EDIT 26 October.

I have just received this email from Wurzli and thought I should share it.

"Dear Paul, Chnorzli and I are very proud to be in the internet. But as you know we are untouchable and we are "uncuttleable" rabbits. So we are not so happy that some russian girls want to cuttle us. And there is something else we want that the whole world know it. We destroy every corner we can find. Rebekka is always too slowly to catch us. So Rebekka and Philippe have to live a very long time in this flat or Philippe have to do many many renovations work, hi, hi, hi..."

So there you have it.
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