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Der Schweiz

Well, in ten days time I'm off to Switzerland for a week. Whoop-di-doo. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be so good to see Rebekka again (not forgetting Philippe, Sarah, her parents and the rabbits). Luckily my flight out of Bristol isn't until the afternoon, so there's no need for hurried last minute packing the evening before, I can do the hurried last minute packing the morning of the day I leave instead. Brilliant. I'm not up for too much preparation for these things, I'd rather just grab what I need and chuck it all in. If she were still alive, my grandmother would have been having a very serious talk with me about that. She was always one for having her case packed and her hat and coat on at least three days before departure.

Of course, there are some things I need to get hold of in preparation. Guinness (a couple of bottles of - no more, sadly, due to the new baggage restrictions), perhaps a bottle of New Zealand wine too, muffins - must take blueberry muffins and I'll have sort out a few pressies.

There is a serious chance that we could be meeting up with another ex-NZ-backpacker or two as well, which will be brilliant. Mariella, who I first met in Wanaka and have stayed in touch with ever since, is at University in Konstanz just over on the German side of the border and I have promised to take her out for lunch. That will be cool. I also need to get in touch with Urs to see if he is able to meet up for a drink too. Last time I was in Switzerland we managed to arrange a bit of a get-together, so it would be great to renew the Funky Green Voyager Gazebo club once again. One thing that is planned is a trip to Luzerne for a couple of days which will have us staying at the famous It will be very interesting staying at a backpackers again. 

I'm taking my laptop with me in the hope of getting some time for writing. I've got lots of ideas for short stories and a few LJ sized pieces as well, so it will be nice to begin to pull that together, and in the company of one of my very favourite people on the entire planet too. Please don't despair, dear readership, my trusty little camera will also be with me. It should be interesting seeing Switzerland at this time of the year. 

So, another small adventure will be in the offing shortly. Ten more sleeps.
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