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More new friends

As has become usual now, I would like to welcome some more new friends to my LJ and to dedicate some photographs to them.

First of all there is starlit_woods. This is someone who has had a lot of hassles and troubles in life but is loved by many, that is if reading their LJ is anything to go by. starlit_woods lives in the incredibly scenic Tasmania and delights in beautiful images. I hope you approve of this one. My favourite place in New Zealand is Wanaka. I took this picture on a day when I did the Waterfall Creek walk. This is the small beach where the walk finishes.

Next comes artistiqua. This is also someone who has had some troubles in her life. She has travelled the world, for a variety of reasons, but has only really felt settled when she lived in New Zealand a few years ago. I am delighted to say, and jealous to a degree, that she is currently making plans to return to her beloved New Zealand for a year starting in December. 
I hope you find peace, harmony and much more besides in 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'. I always have a soft spot for people who love New Zealand as much as I do, so I look forward to our LJ friendship developing, as well as your entries about NZ this time around. Take care and enjoy.
You will probably recognise this. The picture I am dedicating to you is Nelson, as seen from the Centre of New Zealand Lookout.

Last, but by no means least, comes lucylu1988. Lucy comes from the same area in the UK as me. Currently, she is just on the early stops of a 'round-the-world'  journey that will be the adventure of a lifetime. At the moment she is in south-east Asia but will be finding herself in New Zealand at some point in the months to come. Just to whet your appetite a little, this picture is taken from the lakefront at Wanaka, looking out across the lake towards the mountains beyond. It is one of my very favourite all-time views and I hope you get to see it too. Whatever else, I sincerely hope that you have an amazing journey, experience so much life and get the most out of everything that you do. Lucy, this is for you.

So, I welcome starlit_woods, artistiqua and lucylu1988 to my LJ world. I hope you enjoy what you see here and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

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