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New friends...

Normally I would leave off doing this until I was making an entry, but with little to say at the moment and two new friends to welcome, I thought I ought to make a special effort. As with all my LJ friends these are people who deserve a special effort made on their behalf. 

I was added by mark_off_ka a few days ago. I'm not sure how she came across my journal but I am really happy that she did. mark_off_ka is Russian but has been living in Auckland, New Zealand for the past nine months. That alone is two reasons for me to value her as a friend. She has a new baby son, who must take up a lot of her time and energy. Among other things this has meant that she hasn't had much opportunity to explore her new country yet, but she fully intends to. I'm sure she will love it as much as I do. I am also really honoured because I am her first non-Russian LJ friend, a great privilege for me. 

This photograph was taken on the day, last year, that I climbed Mount Roy near Wanaka. mark_off_ka, it should give you an idea of what a beautiful country you have settled in and just how much there is to see there. And, please, when you do start to travel around New Zealand, visit Wanaka, stay at Mountain View Backpackers (they do double rooms) and have a wonderful time. This picture is dedicated to you. I hope you like it.

My other new LJ friend is jessmarrie. She is a young photographer from Tucson, Arizona. I came across a few of her images in a community that I watch from time to time and was really keen to see more of her work.  She is an artist with a rare talent and I look forward to many more great images in the future. 

This photograph, which is dedicated to you, was taken at the Mirror Lakes on the road to Milford Sound, one of New Zealand's South Island's very special places. I hope that it illustrates the unspoiled nature of the Fiordland region and the beauty that there is there.

(As usual, with both of these images, please click on them to see larger versions)

So, mark_off_ka and jessmarrie, welcome to my LJ world and I really hope that you like the photographs I have dedicated to you. It is a pleasure to know you both.

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