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Eden Project

This is the Eden Project. It describes itself as having the largest rain-forest in captivity. It was built in an abandoned china-clay quarry in Cornwall as a millennium project, one of very few of any real merit in the UK.

It is a fascinating place. The first time I went there was before the official opening; most recently I was there in May and the difference was spectacular. There is a Temperate and Mediterranean area as well as the rain-forest. So much of the planting had become established and was looking really good. I'm not into gardening but I really enjoy being in them if they seem wild, interesting and natural. I don't like formal gardens much. Having said all that, my most abiding memory of my most recent visit, which Rebekka will also laugh at, was, "This is the gift shop." That phrase will live with us forever, I think. 

Anyway, here's the pic. As ever, please click it to make it bigger and spot my crappy stitching.

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