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Three things plus another thing

I have shamelessly borrowed these questions from ilmera. I just hope that the translator was accurate enough for me to be answering the same questions!


THREE THINGS, which are incomprehensible to me:

   The cult of celebrity.

   Why anyone would want to join the military.

   Why politicians can’t just be honest.


THREE THINGS, which frighten me:

   Any form of zealous fundamentalism.

   Right-wing politics.

   The military.


THREE THINGS, which I need to learn:

   How to photograph people.

   To be able to, at least, get by in a number of languages.

   To be less naïve, or young enough again to get away with being as naïve as I am.


THREE THINGS, which I am wearing:

   My New Zealand map t-shirt

   Odd socks

   Black trousers that are not jeans and, therefore, do not feel natural.


THREE THINGS, which are on the table:

   Empty coffee mug with a Celtic design.

   A half eaten apple.

   A card from my boss thanking me for my work on the website, (proud).


THREE PLUS POINTS of my nature:





THREE MINUS POINTS of my nature:

   Having to be everywhere so early, (I would rather be three hours early than one minute late)

   Not having the confidence to photograph people.

   Having the insecurity and fear that people won’t like me.


THREE THINGS, which I do most often:

   Internet – would be there all the time if I could.

   Wish I was somewhere else.

   Wish I had more inspiration to write.


THREE PLACES, I want to visit:





THREE NAMES, which I use:





THREE PEOPLE, I need to meet:

   Ilmera, as soon as possible.

   Rebekka, regularly

   Roselet, hopefully next year in Austria.


And another thing... It is my very great pleasure to welcome a new LJ friend. gothic_girl_81 added me following a post she made in a photography community which I then commented on. The image she posted was of a gorgeous lake in her native Poland. When I had a quick look at her journal I was staggered to see that she had been in the area where I live just one week before. She expressed her love for the area, particularly all things Glastonbury, and I felt I just had to let her know my connection to that part of the world. She takes great photographs of natural things and some of her flower images are just brilliant, in every sense of the word.


Normally, when I welcome someone to my LJ friends list, I like to post an image and dedicate it to my new friend. This is not always easy as I try to select something as appropriate as possible, that I am proud of, hoping they will like it.


On this occasion my difficulty was the opposite of my normal dilemma. I knew immediately what I would like to post, in fact, I had so many options I wasn’t sure what to leave out. I have decided to overcome this by dedicating a few images. gothic_girl_81, I hope you like them, and welcome to my LJ world.

Glastonbury Tor

St Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor

The tower again

Wells Cathedral frontage

Part of one of the stone circles at Avebury

Please click on the images for bigger versions.

gothic_girl_81 I promise to look after the area until you come back again, which I'm sure you will do.

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