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Another week in LJ land

Well, another week in LJ land comes creaking to an end. I know it has been a short week because here in England there was a Bank Holiday on Monday, but it has felt like a long one in lots of other ways. 

Happily, I feel that I have spent more time with ilmera than for some time as our comments have gone back and forth quite a lot.  I just wish that we were closer geographically as well as in the way we are friends. Hopefully that can change before long. I feel helpless a lot of the time, knowing that she needs people around her to support, care and provide the proverbial shoulder to cry on, but I do know that a couple of my LJ friends are doing all they can. My heartfelt thanks go to typical_tracy and _albina for that. You are good friends and I know she values you enormously; thank you and big hugs to both of you.

This week I have made another new LJ friend, one I am very proud of. coolpawz is an incredibly good photographer. I am a little jealous because she takes just the kind of photographs that I know I can't. Her portraits are so natural and lively. They jump off the screen like colourful butterflies. Another thing that pleases me about my new LJ friend is that she comes from Northern Ireland, an area of the UK that I have never visited. It confounds me a little that I have travelled the world, spent a great deal of time exploring and discovering other countries but seem to have neglected a fascinating and beautiful part of my own. I will have to put that right some time. I feel certain that photography will take coolpawz far in her life and that she will be very successful. I'm also sure that she will love every minute of it. Welcome to my LJ world, Jan, I sincerely hope that you enjoy the company and give me the opportunity to learn a little from you and what you do so well. 

As seems to have become my custom, I would like to dedicate this photograph to you as a kind of welcome gift. Wainui Falls, on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park in the far north of the South Island, provided me with one of my most memorable experiences in all my time in New Zealand. Just to get to the falls meant a walk climbing along the course of the river through amazingly vibrant and wild bush. The river itself had to be crossed, high up, by means of a narrow swingbridge which was very wobbly and a little scary, but the reward at the end of the trail was this fabulous spot. The thundering of the water and the fact that no-one else was there made the whole thing a pure delight. I didn't really notice it at the time, but when I reviewed my photographs later, the rock on the right of the picture appeared to be shaped like the face of some giant sculpture, now fallen and lying at an unnatural angle. Perhaps it is only my imagination, but I hope others see it too.

So, Jan, this is for you. I hope you like it

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