October 16th, 2012

Wanaka tree

Thirty day meme - fourth chunk

So, on to the fourth chunk of the thirty day meme. Sorry I didn't update over the weekend. And then I had yesterday off work, though I didn't do much with it because of the wet and windy weather. I really want to get out and take some autumn photos, even if they're just of the village I live in and the fields around it. Fingers crossed for next weekend, providing the weather plays its part. In the meantime...

16. Your worst illness
Touching wood, I haven't really had a serious illness. I had an operation to sort out a hernia when I was two years old, but I don't really remember anything about that. My only memory of that at all is of a photograph taken of me (I remember seeing the photo, not the event) being handed a rose by Princess Alexandra in my hospital bed when she was, apparently, visiting Bridgwater to open the lido. I was in the hospital bed, you understand, not Princess Alexandra, and my hospital bed was not in the lido. Happily, I was much too young and untainted for royalty to rub off on me, and have remained that way ever since.

17. What you do at work
Where do I start? I produce and maintain information for the public about the Adult Social Care services provided by, or on behalf of, the local authority where I live. I also maintain and approve content for a large chunk of the website and sometimes train other people to use the system. I help people with the content of other websites as well and have even been known to come up with the odd brilliant idea to save someone else's bacon. I turn council jargon into real words and make sure it can be understood by as many people as possible. I advise other people to use plain English and run training sessions sometimes. I make that funny when I can because it would be dry old stuff otherwise. I put together a couple of staff newsletters and edit content for others. I also, sometimes, write articles for a free newspaper produced by the council, that goes to every home in the area. I advise people about the accessibility of information to make sure it reaches the right audience, and as big an audience as possible. Sometimes I have to take photos as part of my job, so that's fun! It's a varied and mostly interesting job and I really like it, though I wish, as everyone else does I'm sure, that it would pay a bit more.

18. A question or comment people should never make to you
I'm a pretty open and relaxed person, so there isn't much that's out of bounds for me. If someone wants to try to wind me up a bit, they can mention how much they believe about religion in general, or right wing politics in particular, but I'm fairly forgiving and take people for what and who they are rather than what they necessarily believe in. There are people who are very important to me who I disagree with on fairly fundamental things, but that doesn't stop us being close because the contentious issue just never has to come up. 

19. The style of clothing you feel most comfortable in
I'm not one for dressing up. I still see wearing a proper shirt for work, with a collar and everything as 'fancy dress'. I'm most comfortable in a t-shirt or rugby shirt, baggy chinos and odd socks. I do like wearing my kilt, but that doesn't happen very often.

20. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert
I suppose I'm a bit of both. I don't like to push my head up over the parapet very much but I do like to be noticed for doing interesting and creative things. I'm not socially inept, but I like my own company quite a lot. I feel that I don't have to make a statement to be with the people who matter most to me. Oscar Wilde once said that there is only one thing worse than 'being noticed', and that's 'not being noticed'. A small part of me agrees with that, but a much bigger part of me thinks the opposite. There, pick the bones out of that one!