March 16th, 2012

Wanaka tree

Kilver Court

A couple  of weeks ago I visited a garden that I'd never been to before.  Obviously, a couple of weeks ago spring was not as far advanced here in the cosy world of the west of England as it is now. Yet this particular garden still managed to show off lots of colour and life. Quite a feat on a dull, grey day at the end of February.  

The garden is in the middle of the small Somerset industrial town of Shepton Mallet - a very Somerset place name if ever there was one. You wouldn't know there was a garden there at all without the signs. Yet, with a long forgotten majestic railway viaduct as a backdrop, nestles this gorgeous, delightful little oasis. It's not very big but it's still a nice place to spend an hour of so just sitting and watching or ambling around the pond (I can't bring myself to call it a lake) wondering if anything is going to creep into or out of the duck houses.

I just hope my photos do it justice.   

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