October 6th, 2011

Wanaka tree

A misty, moisty morning

My journal is now back in the westcountry and there may be no mention of Roman forts, cross-country walls or northern castles for a while. You are probably relieved.

Last week, part of the week before last and for the beginning of this week, we had unseasonal weather. It was hot. In fact it was hotter than during a normal summer here, let alone autumn. Personally, I'm relieved that it has got cooler again. One advantage of weather like that at this time of the year, especially in the wetland areas where I live, is that in the mornings it creates a mistiness that looks ethereal and wonderful, magical even.

This is something that I have wanted to take photos of for a very long time. Days when I have driven to work, and seen the mist hanging in enticing sheets above the ground, are days when I don't have my camera with me or the time to stop and wait. Days when I can get out and do something about it, with a camera, are days when it doesn't happen. I've always been used to getting up early, even at week-ends when I don't have to, and last Sunday, finally, everything came together for me.

Just as it was getting light, I was out and clicking. I drove to a few places nearby, places I felt certain would come up with the goods. I hope you like the results.

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