September 21st, 2011

Hadrian's Wall

Northumberland and beyond - part four: Dunstanburgh

The next stop on my coastal castle journey was Dunstanburgh. This is a castle I'm very fond of; it has just about all the right things that add up to what a castle is for me. And there is the added bonus that you have to make an effort to get to it. With so many castles you can just drive up to them, park and walk through the gate. To get to Dunstanburgh Castle you have to park in the village of Craster and walk a couple of kilometres along the coast, through fields and by cliffs and rocky beaches. That makes being there just a bit more worthy.

On top of that, I love the way it looks. It's very much a ruin but you can also see just how massive and imposing it once was. It has history by the bucket-load and style by the tonne. Craster Rocks, but Dunstanburgh Rocks even more! Of course, on this particular day, the effort of getting there was made even more satisfying because of the harsh winds that made even standing up quite a feat.

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