September 28th, 2010

Wanaka tree

A festival of flowers

Last week-end, in the church in the village where I live there was a flower festival. It was a church event and it was held there but it wasn't, I'm delighted to say, a religious one. My mother was one of the organising leading lights and I was asked to go along and take photos of the exhibits so that they could illustrate any stories that might appear in local newsletters and newspapers. It shouldn't have been a very taxing job. But, because it had turned out to be beautiful in the weather department and because most of the arrangements had been done in the church windows it was a nightmare getting anything at all to show up in my photos. I had streaming sunlight through the windows and dark arrangements, or, to avoid that happening, photos taken at such an oblique angle that they depicted nothing at all. I did persist by going along at different times of the day and persistance paid off because I managed to get at least one passable photo of everything in the end.

The theme of the festival was countries. Each person had to do an arrangement to illustrate a chosen country. Of course, with our friend Jenny, my mother chose to do New Zealand. I was able to advise, as you would expect. They ended up by creating a map of the country and then planting it with appropriate greenery and produce depending on where it really grows. Right down to some little penguins about to jump off the Southland coast.

These are some of my better efforts, sometimes the whole thing, sometimes detail. And as you can see, the Birthday Bear got himself in on the act as well.

New Zealand map made out of plants plus a Birthday Bear sitting in the sea next to his penguin friends.

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