September 16th, 2010

Wanaka tree

New Zealand just because I can

I've posted these photos before, a long time ago, and some of you may remember them but I just fancied giving them another airing. I've been thinking a lot about New Zealand recently, for many reasons. The recent earthquake in Canterbury has, obviously, had me worrying about friends and familiar places; the thought of other people going there and me wishing I could be there too (Sarah, you know who you are!); I've recently been playing a lot of New Zealand music and that has also got me dreaming of familiar places and treasured moments.

So, simply because I want to, and because I can, I'd like to share, or re-share, some of my favourite photos that I took when I was there the last time.

The beach at Hokitika with the mighty Tasman Sea pounding in onto the sands.

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