July 15th, 2010

Wanaka tree

Scotland part the third: Oban, Loch Awe, The Highlander and away

Sunday was my last full day with Rebekka and Philippe before having to head home. Because of that I really wanted it to be special but things conspired against me. I woke up in my little tent decidedly wind-blown and damp. Rather than risk it blowing away during the day I took it down and put it back in the car; I could pitch it again in the evening for my last night. We were staying in and around Oban for the day and camping in the same place that evening, so it wasn't even as if we were going to be discovering a new patch or anything. The rain was relentless as we drove into Oban for breakfast. In the cafe I told Rebekka that I was officially grumpy today because of the weather and feeling down and not knowing what to do for the best and not knowing what to do to entertain them and...and she gave me a great big long hug which made me feel so much better.

After breakfast we drove up to McCaig's Tower which has a view out over the town to the sea and the Isle of Mull beyond, or at least, it would have if the sky hadn't been so full of water.

The ferry to Mull from McCaig's Tower.

As luck would have it, because I had a car with me, it meant that we could go off and tackle things that the VW campervan, Kyla, just wouldn't have been up to. One of those things was a visit to
Loch Awe. There is a road that goes right around the loch and we decided that, in the absence of anything more exciting to do, it might be an idea to do that drive. Once on that road it became very apparent very quickly that we weren't going to see very much apart from the dripping trees and the grey sky every now and then. But we had all day. At one point I saw a place to pull in and have a break and just as I stopped the car it was like entering the eye of the storm, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared away and we had a few moments to see what it was all about. This was our cue for a little project we had planned.

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