April 19th, 2010


'Tis a world full of contradictions

I don't exactly live in the middle of nowhere. In fact it's the kind of place that's fairly easy to get to (and from) in just about any direction. But it's not exactly the hub of things either. There, that got us nowhere, didn't it? Start again.

On a normal day where I live, you don't always hear traffic. It is far enough off the beaten track to be mostly serene. Usually, though, you can hear the almost constant rumble of aircraft. There are always vapour trails in the sky on a clear day such as this. I often wonder where the people on those planes are going and whether I would like to be with them. The answer to the last internal musing is generally, 'Yes'.

Well, it's really strange now. No aircraft means no vapour trails; no aircraft means no distant rumble of jet engines; no aircraft means serenity with knobs on. It's nice to be able to hear the springtime song of birds without a background drone.

On the other hand:

Dear Iceland
Can you please stop spewing out your volcanic dust in all directions. Well, more specifically, in my direction. I am due to go to Switzerland on Sunday and I would really like to. I have people to see, things to do and gifts to dispense. I would be very grateful, dear Iceland, if you would kindly stop taking over the skies of western Europe and let things get back to normal. Now that I have heard them, I would happily trade the birdsong for a degree of certainty that I will actually be getting on KLM flight KL1050 on Sunday morning out of Bristol bound for Amsterdam, where I will be getting onto another flight heading for Zurich. Birdsong is all fine and dandy, but I want to see Rebekka.
Much love