March 10th, 2010

Wanaka tree

The Birthday Bear at Kilve

Just a quickie, the Birthday Bear at Kilve Beach. It was a bright sunny day but he insisted on leaving his cap behind. Happily, we aren't exactly sitting under a hole in the ozone layer here, but it's a cavalier attitude I didn't quite expect. 

And just so that his folks back home in Aotearoa know, he's doing fine and there will be more photos of his adventures coming soon. Next week he'll be going to Wales for the first time, and not long after that a trip to Switzerland is in the offing. Then it will be summer and I'm sure there will be much covorting in long grass and meadow flowers. You see, he's been making friends with other bears - all will be revealed soon.  

Not so comfortable atop the rocks

By a small waterfall on the cliffs.

And, above the cliff path taking a break from tramping.