September 16th, 2009

Wanaka tree

Bishops Lydeard Medieval Charter Fayre part the second.

Following on from the jousting at Bishops Lydeard on Saturday, I also had a good time just wandering around taking in the sights, seeing who was around and what was going on. Most people weren't in costume but there was a good number that were and they added to the look and feel of the thing. Some were part of various groups putting on demonstrations about different aspects of Medieval life, cookery, chivalry, the use and making of weapons. Others were just dressed up to help get into the mood of the day.

As I wandered and looked, I took photos. I tried to be different and focussed on detail rather than the bigger picture and these are the photos I ended up with. I really hope you like them and sincerely hope they give a flavour of the day.


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