May 27th, 2009

Wanaka tree

Bowood House, Wiltshire

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bowood House in Wiltshire to take photos. Actually, between you and I, dear reader, I didn't. Or, at least, I did but I didn't mean to. I actually set out to go to a place called Dyrham Park which is north of Bath. But, I came off the motorway at the wrong junction, realised what I had done when I saw no obvious signs for Dyrham and recovered enough to find signs for Bowood and went there instead. As it happens, over the years I have often seen signs for Bowood and was curious enough to want to go there but had never made any plans to. That is still true, I have never made any plans to go to Bowood, even though I've now been there.

I have to say, compared to some of the wonderful houses and gardens, grounds and homes I have been to recently, it wasn't that inspiring. Its grandness, for me, seemed to be more about the landscape than the place itself. I did quite like formal gardens on the terrace in front of the house and spent some time there before the skies filled in and the rain threatened. Because of that I wasn't actually there for very long. But I have been to Bowood House.

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