May 11th, 2009

Wanaka tree

Lacock Abbey again

Last Monday I took Gerrit and Jos to Wiltshire for the day. I was under no illusions that things would be busy just about anywhere we went because it was Bank Holiday Monday. My feelings were confirmed quickly as the village of Lacock began to fill up very soon after we arrived.

I went to Lacock for the first time last year and posted photos then, with special reference to the fact that it was the birthplace of photography as we know it, so I won't go into great detail again about that. But, just to fill in anyone who doesn't know, Lacock Abbey was the family home of William Fox Talbot who invented the positive-negative process of photography. The village is a charming place and is used for a lot of period films and television dramas because it is largely unspoilt. I didn't get the chance to wander around the village this time, and anyway, it's really difficult to take good photos there because of all the cars; they get cleared out miraculously when a film crew turns up.

Anyway, on to the photos.
Lacock Abbey from the pathway, looking across a buttercup-filled pasture.

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Wanaka tree

And on to Avebury

After Lacock Abbey we moved on to Avebury. I decided that I wouldn't take the usual 'Here's a stone standing in a field' kind of photos there. I'd done that so many times before. I would look for slightly different things.

So, to start with, even though the day had suddenly realised that it was a Bank Holiday and would, therefore, cloud over and threaten rain, I thought this was an interesting reminder of how we British will fool ourselves into thinking it's a nice day, even if it isn't. If all else fails, put up an umbrella and have an ice cream!

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