March 18th, 2009



My last morning in Ireland turned out to be a delight. I'm one of those people who, on the day they have to leave, just wants to get on with it, even if they are having the best time. I really dislike that last day. Part of me always wants to stay and do more, discover more and enjoy more, another part of me, knowing that I have to get to an airport, just wants to get that out of the way. I am always torn. It doesn't seem so bad if my flight is late in the day, because there is still, at least, time to do something.

My flight out of Cork back to Bristol was due to leave just before three in the afternoon, but I had agreed (to avoid having an extra day's car hire) to get the car back to the rental company at the airport at midday. So, what to do with my morning? I didn't want to just laze around the hotel, after all I was in Ireland and felt I should be making the most of that. I had driven through Kinsale on my way to Mizen Head and thought it looked like an interesting and cool place. So, I decided to head down to Kinsale for a few hours. Kinsale is a port on a river estuary almost due south of Cork City and on the same side of the city as the airport.

I loved the, now expected, multi-coloured buildings, shops and houses. It was a delight walking through the tiny, narrow streets. It reminded me of some of the small fishing ports in South Devon or Cornwall, but with a distinctly Irish twist.

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