March 16th, 2009


Cork and Killarney

It's hard to believe that, already, these photos were taken over a week ago. Where does the time go?

On the Sunday of my stay in Ireland, I decided I would venture into Cork City in the morning. It seemed the perfect time to me, the sun was shining and there wouldn't be too many people around and the traffic would be very light. So, I aimed my little car at the centre of Cork and off I went. I hadn't bargained for the fact that, as it was indeed Sunday morning, everything would be shut, including the car parks as it turned out. I drove around for quite a while trying to find somewhere I could dump my car for an hour or so, just for enough time to have a look around. Eventually I found somewhere near the river beside a warehouse. I'm sure I wasn't supposed to be parking there but as there was no-one to ask I decided to risk it.

I got out and started to have a look around. Unfortunately, very quickly, the sunshine turned to rain and it was only a few minutes before I was dashing back to the car.

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