March 13th, 2009


The road to Mizen Head

Well, I had a wonderful time in the south-west of Ireland. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best but, after all, it was Ireland in March. But that didn't dampen my spirits, even though it did dampen my camera once or twice.

On Saturday morning I drove out along the southern coast to Mizen Head, the most south-westerly point of the Irish mainland. On the way I stopped quite often with every new bay and cove I spotted. It was a gorgeous drive and, even though it was cold and wet, the ocean was still a vivid blue and the countryside was green, green, green.  Here are some pictures from that journey. I have a lot of people to thank for their recommendations, though the first picture is simply here as a present for Marta, naurwen</lj> , who proved to be wonderful at suggesting the best places to visit and enjoy.

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That small tomb at a little place called Altar, near Toormore, was a real find for me and a pure delight.

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After Drombeg I swung by Inchydoney Beach. By now the drizzle had really turned to rain, but there was still quite a lot of activity there.


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