September 11th, 2008

Wanaka tree

Camera Bore

I'm sure this won't interest many of you, after all, why should it? Quite rightly, those of you who are interested in and like my photos are interested in the pictures themselves rather than what I use to take them. But, having said that, I have got a new toy for my new toy. Yesterday, through the miracle of DHL, I received a package. It was waiting for me when I got home from work last night. I unwrapped it eagerly, knowing full well what to expect inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am now the proud owner of one of these. It looks like a lot of fun to use and should make taking landscape and nature photos a lot easier and immeasurably better.

I'm hoping that the weather this coming week-end (one of my three-day ones) will be good enough for me to take it out and try it. Last night I played around with it indoors. In my room I've got a photo of a New Zealand fantail on one of the walls. It's about 120mm square. By lying on my bed about six metres away from it, I took a picture that had it filling the entire frame. I think that's a pretty good indication just how useful the lens will be.

And it makes it look like I know what I'm doing even if I actually dont!