May 27th, 2008

Wanaka tree

Bit of a duff week-end

This is me just letting you know that I'm still here and that I haven't deserted you all.

I had a long week-end off work, which was nice in a lot of ways but which, because of the vagaries of the British weather, had me climbing the walls rather than green and wooded hills. It started well enough on Friday. Friday morning was sunny and warm and really rather pleasant. I went to a place called Sand Bay, just north of Weston-super-Mare to do some walking and photography. I'd never been there before; at least I thought so until my mother told me that I may have been taken there when I was a child - I certainly don't remember. I had a very enjoyable stomp around the headland, Sand Point, and then walked along the north shore for a while. It then came on to rain and I decided to head for cover. I got back to my car just before the deluge. It was suddenly like someone was throwing swimming pools around. The rain was bouncing and coming down again. I headed home to find that they hadn't had a single drop! I will post some of my photos later in the week. 

On Saturday I stayed at home because we had some friends, Becky, David and William, visiting in the afternoon. As always, it was good to see them.

Sunday was wet and not very pleasant. I did go out onto the broad, flat expanses of Sedgemoor late in the afternoon because the clouds looked really interesting and I hope I ended up with some good, moody shots.

Monday was a bank holiday and, as is traditional on these occasions, it was wet, windy and cold. It was not worth even stepping out of the door. The wind was gusting up to almost 100kmh and the rain was mostly horizontal. The garden is now littered with leaves and other bits and pieces blown off the trees.

Now I'm back at work, and guess what, the weather is due to perk up again. Here's hoping for a better week-end to come.
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