May 21st, 2008

Wanaka tree

More Mendip nature reserves

On Sunday I went up onto The Mendip Hills again to have a bit of a walk, look over a couple of nature reserves I had never heard of and take some photos in the sunshine. The village of Draycott is near Cheddar, nestling on the southern slopes of the hills. On the right day that whole line along from Crooks Peak at the western end to Wells in the east is one massive suntrap and this is why the area is famous for growing strawberries. There are no better strawberries in the world than the ones grown on these southern slopes of The Mendips. The conditions are perfect and, at this time of the year, so are the strawberries. 

Sorry for digressing there, but, well, it was about strawberries so that's okay!

Anyway, above Draycott there are a few nature reserves and I went exploring. There was nothing earth-shattering there, just a beautiful landscape and some great views, some interesting ruined barns and the most incredible sky. 

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