February 25th, 2008

Wanaka tree

Back in the land of the living

Hello. Remember me?

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I haven't been very well. I went home from work early on Wednesday because I wasn't feeling too good and my voice had almost gone. That was it for the week. On Thursday I had no voice at all and ended up sleeping for most of the day. Friday was better but I still had no voice and no interest in going out and doing very much. Now I'm back at work and can still only croak at people, even though I feel much better in myself. These days I just seem to get one cold after another and, although I seem to be able to shake off the worst of them, I'm always stuck with one symptom or another that lingers. This time it's my lack of voice. Well, I suppose it gives those around me a bit of a break. Here I am just sitting quietly in the corner, drinking coffee and typing away. 

Anyway, I still have some photos to post from the week-end before last. On the Sunday morning I took Jackie up on to Exmoor to Wheddon Cross and Snowdrop Valley.  Snowdrop Valley is actually the valley of the River Avill as it winds its way to join the River Exe. At this time of year it puts on a unique show. The floor and sides of the valley are carpetted with snowdrops. Hence the name. They are only around for a couple of weeks and the place becomes quite an attraction. People come from quite a long way to see Snowdrop Valley. This is why.

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