February 6th, 2008

Wanaka tree

Justly Proud

I'm feeling quite proud of myself. I've just got out of a high level meeting of senior managers from the Community Directorate of the County Council. We were discussing a new Cultural Position Statement for Somerset and I had been given the job of producing a mock-up of it. The plan was to have a rough idea of what was going where in the publication so that the senior people could approve that part of it. There was lowly, little me and all these high-powered people responsible for huge budgets and all that kind of stuff.

I had put some images into my layout to brighten it up a bit and to show what could be done. I chose an image to go on the front that I felt was an illustration of lots of different aspects of culture in Somerset, just as an idea. They liked it so much they decided it would be the one they would use for the front cover of the finished, prestigeous, publication. And it's one of mine!

This one.

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