December 12th, 2007

Wanaka tree

Photo of me

I'm sure this sort of thing happens all over the world at this time of year. As offices start to relax into Christmas mode and groups of people organise team lunches and little gatherings, an air of levity starts to creep in. Usually someone has the bright idea that, 'We could do a quiz or something.'

This has happened in the area of the office I work in here at County Hall in Taunton. I'm in a team on my own but I've, sort of, been adopted by the team that sits all around me. This is quite touching in some respects but can be a pain in the ass when I'm expected to 'join in'. Last week someone in the team that has adopted me suggested 'something different' for them to do as a Christmas quiz. 

'You'll join in, won't you Paul?' 
'Do I have an option?'
'You shouldn't answer a question with another question!'
'Why not?'
'You just shouldn't.'
'Aren't I supposed to be the English language expert around here?' I replied, sticking to my guns on answering questions with questions.
'That's not the point! Will you join in?'
'What am I joining in with?' I asked, having found a format that appeared to be working.
'Well, what we are going to do is,'  there was a pause, not the kind of pause I like, 'each bring in a photo of us when we were babies and we all have to guess who is who.'
'And you want me to join in?'
'Yes, it'll be fun.'
'You want a photo of me when I was a baby, then you want to ridicule me because it's in black and white and it looks like I'm wearing a dress. Is that right?'
'Well, yes, no and no.'
'When do you want  it by?'
'Wednesday. Now, will you join in or not? You can be really awkward sometimes.' Happily I was talking to someone I get on with really well and happen to like, probably a little bit too much! 
'You're not going to let me get away with saying no, are you?' I now asked.
'Wednesday morning, photo in blank envelope, on my desk!' She said, without using any verbs at all.

So, it's Wednesday morning and I have put the envelope on Hilary's desk. I know everyone will laugh and I'm sure they'll work it out straight away.

What do you think?

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The Ring

Photo post

A couple of week-ends ago, anticipating a break in the clouds, I popped to Glastonbury to look at the place a little differently. These are some of the photos I took. Preparations for Christmas were under way in the streets and people were sheltering from the rain so the shops and cafes were busy. As you will see from the photos I took in and around the abbey, I was rewarded with a little sunshine.

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