November 23rd, 2007

Wanaka tree

It's been a strange week in Lake Wobegone

On Monday and Tuesday I was really busy. I will tell you all more about that another time soon, but I was working on a talk I'm going to be doing next week.
On Wednesday I came into work as usual. I got to Taunton at about a quarter to eight, as usual, parked the car and walked into the grounds of County Hall. There seemed to be a few more people milling around outside the buildings than normal, but I didn't take a lot of notice. When I got to the door I normally use to get into the building, it wouldn't open. We have electronic security proximity cards and mine wouldn't work. I began to put two and two together and worked out that that might have been the reason that everyone else was outside too. I joined a couple of people that I knew and soon learned that we appeared to have run out of electricity. Apparently it had been off since about eleven o'clock the previous evening and the back-up generators had gone wrong. After a lot of waiting around and jumping up and down to keep warm, a group of us bundled into Shire Hall (the County Courts and council chamber) where there were toilets and a coffee machine. Eventually we were all sent home because we couldn't have done anything even if we'd been able to get into the building to work. 
So, I went home. I did use my unexpected day off wisely, though. It was quite a nice day so I went out and about with my camera. Well, it's better than working. I went up onto the hills above Street and Butleigh to the Hood monument, somewhere I had never been before (well, I'd been along the road over the hills loads of times but never walked up to the monument)
Here are the pictures I took. 

The path covered in beech leaves

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