November 15th, 2007

Wanaka tree

Blagdon Lake and Wells, dedicated to vikinotbecks

Last week I booked my flights to go to The Netherlands for Christmas. As always, I'm really looking forward to that, great company, a quiet time and a chance to unwind while everyone else seems to be winding themselves up. One slight downside is that my outward flight leaves Bristol International Airport at 6.20 in the morning. This means that I will have to be up at stupid o'clock to get up there, my car parked, myself checked in, through security and into the departure lounge. Never mind. 

On Sunday, as it was quite a nice day, I decided to go up and book my parking so that it was one less thing to sort out. Being a dutiful son I took my mother out for a ride. After sorting out the parking I drove home by a very meandering route through loads of out-of-the-way villages, some with wonderful names. First of all I set out to find Nempnett Thrubwell, which had always amused me as a name. I, sort of, found it, and I also found this wonderful road sign.

I drove down it, and it seemed quite normal to me, but who am I to judge what's normal?

After that we ended up at Blagdon Lake, one of the reservoirs that supplies the city of Bristol with water.
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Then it was on to Wells, England's smallest city and one of my favourite places. We arrived just about at sunset, slightly later than I had planned. I was hoping to get some photos of the cathedral and other great buildings lit up by the low autumn sun, but had to make do with it just having gone down and the first moments of evening gloom instead. If any of you have seen the wonderful film Hot Fuzz (and if you haven't, I would implore you to do so), Wells was where most of it was shot and you may recognise some of the places from the film in my pictures.

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