November 7th, 2007

Wanaka tree

And so on to Avebury part two - After the bus got in.

After Jackie's bus got in we tried to find somewhere open for a well-deserved coffee. It was still very early, everything was shut up tight and it was obvious that we would remain coffeeless for a while. Instead we had a wander round the stones. The sun was still low in the sky and casting wonderful long shadows, so it wasn't long before we were both clicking away. The day was now gorgeously clear and bright, perfect for the kind of pictures we both wanted to take. Each area of the huge expanse of the Avebury stones is different and each time I've been there the light and time of year have never been the same, so it's always interesting. I think this is the best time of year because the colours are incredible and there aren't too many people around.

We had to wait until the cafe opened at ten o'clock before we had our drinks and I was really gagging for a coffee by then, so I made sure it was a large one, with a blueberry muffin chaser! 

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