October 29th, 2007

Wanaka tree

Drab, drab week-end

I had Friday off work. This meant that I spent quite a lot of last week looking forward to a great week-end getting out in the wild and woolies (or wopwops if I was still in Kiwiland) and taking loads of photos. I had visions of stomping around on the hills with my camera in one hand, some autumn leaves in the other, a totally bemused expression on my face and my trousers muddy up to the knees at least. Instead it was nothing but slate-grey skies, the constant threat of rain, wind polishing off the last of the autumn colours and, in me, no desire to go very far at all. 

On Friday, I have to confess, I did get off my backside and go to Bridgwater (one of the official fifty worst places to live in Britain, as listed in the book Crap Towns) to take some photos for a work related project. I didn't mind giving up my time for that, it was very worthwhile. Somerset County Council produces a newspaper which goes out free to every home in the county every three months and I am on the editorial board and pitch and write articles for it. I have been working on a piece about a mural at one of the council-run Day Centres and was there to take photos of it. There is nothing remarkable about that, except that this mural is being painted by a blind artist who can only pick out shapes and colours if they are within a few centimetres. I didn't get to meet the artist himself, he is in Australia at the moment, playing bowls. 

On Saturday I didn't go anywhere, it was as grey as the greyest thing you can think of. I had a lazy day looking through and selecting photos (photos of sunshine, beautiful places and vivid colours) and very little else. 

By the time Sunday came, the clocks had reverted to Greenwich Mean Time and I was wishing I was on New Zealand Daylight Saving Time. Again it was a grey, featureless day with some rain added and yet more wind. In the late afternoon, which would have been early evening only the day before, the clouds suddenly broke and a beautiful sky woke the world up.

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