April 20th, 2007

Wanaka tree

It's been a long time....

Today is a strange one for me. As I write this it is almost exactly two years to the minute that I left New Zealand on Flight NZ2 bound for Los Angeles and then on to London. I can't believe where those two years have gone. I tell people I was there recently, but is it 'recently' any more? I have done a great deal since I got back on a cold April day, about as far removed from the April days we have been experiencing this year. I've been to The Netherlands a couple of times visiting my great friends there and also to Switzerland to see Rebekka and her family on a couple of occasions too. I've travelled within the UK and had many visitors come to stay in my little corner of the country. I've turned taking holiday snaps into a passion for photography and I've finished writing, re-writing and editing my book. I have met a great many fabulous people here on LJ and made lasting friendships. I've even met some of you, proving that you are living, breathing people who it is a pleasure to be around. 

The past two years have been great, but there has been this nagging, clawing, ever-present feeling that I may never get the chance to go back to New Zealand. I want to explore; I want to discover, re-discover and learn. I want so very much to be back in New Zealand. I have bored the world with just how fabulous a time I had there. I didn't want the freedom and wonder to ever end, yet I knew it must. Not an hour goes by when I don't wish I was there; the only exceptions to that are when I am with great people, enjoying their company and, quite possibly, talking about being in New Zealand.

The circumstances that led to me going there for four and a half months were trying, stressful, yet satisfying. Being made redundant from a job I thoroughly enjoyed and had done for a long time, was a small price to pay for the chance to get out and explore a land I had been fascinated with since childhood. New Zealand wasn't exactly a fresh page for me, I had been there on holiday three times before, but to do what I did, in the way that I did it, was what I had always yearned for. There is no doubt that the whole experience changed my life for ever, and for the better. I am different now, yet have retained the core of the 'me' that has always been around. I look at things differently, more; I am more relaxed and easier, and I worry less about the things I can't change. Yet, somehow, I am more passionate about the things that matter, really matter. New Zealand did a lot for me and I really want to go back to say 'Thank you'.
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